Scouts join backyard camping

By Chlod Alejandro

scout1 scout

One hundred seven grade six scouts joined the  camping held  at Saint Mary’s University Grade School, Dec. 4,2015.
Student Activity Program coordinator Jennifer Alaman said that the activity is one way of revitalizing the Scouting Movement.
The activity started with a march to the university’s mini-forest to  pick wildlings for the tree planting activity.
“Each scout is given three small seed bags for their wildlings picking,” said Troop Leader Elizer Hernandez.
Meanwhile, the boys’ outdoor camping in SMU  oval was moved to the SMU  grounds due  to the bad weather.

“We do not know if the afternoon drizzle will become a strong rain tonight so we decided to move the camping  to the Grade School so it will be easy for the campers to carry their tents to the shade when the rain comes,” explained Alaman.

Part two of the program was the bonfire ceremony  and   scout palabas where scouts showed their talent in singing,dancing and playing musical instruments.

Dr. Ma. Cristeta M. Aduca, principal, said that the  Scouting Movement, through the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) and the Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP), is an effective program in the leadership and value formation of every child. This program,  she explained,  helps develop boys and girls into well-rounded individuals with exemplary character. She also hopes that  these scouts will become leaders  who are true to the Scout Oath and Law or Girl Scout Promise and Law.